June 20, 2024

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Turn Your Outdoor Shed Into A Granny Flat

A granny flat is a detached living space on the property of a single-family home. It can also be referred to as an ADU, or accessory dwelling unit. The term ‘granny flat’ comes from one of the popular uses of an ADU as a home for elderly or aging relatives. Other names for an ADU include granny unit, in-law suite, casita, garden cottage, and more.

The ‘granny flat’ is not just limited to older relatives. This backyard space is ideal for many uses, serving as a guest house for visiting family and friends, or maybe even an at-home office for telecommuters. ADUs are versatile and designed to meet your needs.


Zoning laws vary and zoning laws are critical. They even dictate whether you can have a shed in the first place,  just for storage. Zoning can be commercial, industrial, residential, or agricultural. Zoning laws will describe what type, how many and what size of accessory buildings you can have.


Converting a garage or shed into a granny flat can be an affordable option, after all, it is already a building that has been assembled with four walls, a roof, a solid floor, and a foundation. A shed isn’t just a place for garden tools,  a shed can be many things including an outdoor living room. Whether you need an extra room for a teenage retreat, hobbies, or a granny flat, a shed makes an attractive, functional, and durable outdoor room.

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Shed manufacturers have perfected their designs and processes. Starting out with a prefab shed is often a really good idea if you aren’t the greatest builder. Starting with a manufactured shed can save time and money.


The three main utilities that most people need to live comfortably are sewer, water, and power. Hire a professional to help you. A professional that is experienced, licensed, and insured will keep you and your family safe.  Professionals can also help you with permitting and inspecting too.

SIDE NOTE by Ocean City Realtor, Deeley Chester, “It’s a great idea to start with a prefab shed. You get the benefit of all the manufacturer’s learnings on their shed line. Then, get professional help with designing, permitting, and installing utilities. Once the shed is delivered and in place, it’s time for professional help. Enlist an electrician and a plumber. They will help you rough in electrical lines, water lines, internet, HVAC, etc. Make sure you have enough outlets with the proper loads to run your computer, mini-fridge, power tools, and anything else.”

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