April 20, 2024

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The Best Digital Identification And Authentication Companies In The UAE

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As you surf the web, you leave behind a trail of information. This is known as your digital identity. This information can be reconstructed to find out where you have been and the sites you have visited. Companies will use this information to target you with specific ads.

However, not every company is as good at using these tools as others. The United Arab Emirates has some of the best digital identification and authentication companies in the world, and this article will explore just a few of them.

T.H.E. Integrated Systems

T.I.S was first established back in 2006 when there was no such thing as a digital identity. Their original premise involved providing security and communication systems to big businesses. As you can imagine, the idea of security has evolved quite a bit since they first opened their doors. Therefore, T.I.S. has had to expand into other areas.

The company now focuses on modern security protocols, such as digital identification and authentication. Their team of consultants will explain the process so businesses can learn to cover their digital footprint to avoid targeted ads or use it to gain useful customer links.

Digital Factors

A company that is much older than T.I.S, Digital Factors began creating physical IDs in 1995. Since then, their work has seen them transition into the digital space, creating digital identities for their clients. This is a natural progression for a company like this.


When you read Avanade’s mission statement, it makes sense that this company would choose to branch into becoming one of the newer digital identification and authentication companies. Avanade started in the year 2000, just when the internet became a mainstay in the workplace. For seventeen years, the company placed a focus on building a relationship between people and Microsoft programs. While this work is still needed, their clients need to stay safe online. That is why Avanade now offers digital identification and authentication services on top of their regular duties.

Smart Dubai

The biggest digital identification companies aren’t all founded by independent leaders. The Dubai government has also jumped on board with creating these security solutions, and they have done so by creating the Smart Dubai division.

Smart Dubai is a government initiative that seeks to transform the capital city into one unified, smart city. While there are several steps involved in this process, their main goal at the moment is to apply digital identification services to their technological utopia. Since this is a citywide undertaking, Smart Dubai will briefly become the biggest provider of digital identification and authentication in the UAE. If the initiative is successful, they will continue to hold this title for a very long time.


As time moves forward, more companies will begin to break into the digital identification and authentication field. For now, though, it seems that firmly established tech companies are choosing to branch into this work. Newer companies will spring up soon, though. It is only a matter of time.