September 21, 2023

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FEVO — A Company Of Experts In The Ticketing And Event Industry

Ticketing industry using mergers and new investments to prepare for a  rebound

The ticketing world is constantly innovating. Coming out of the pandemic, we continue to see firsthand the evolution of our industry. Not long ago, event sellers relied solely on paper tickets and box office window selling. Now more than ever, technology and data determine how, where, and when people buy and sell tickets.

As we navigate this roller coaster, here is what I’m personally watching in the live event ticketing industry for the year ahead.

Choosing the exemplary ticketing service

After more than a decade, the online ticketing industry is starting to mature. Today, there are hundreds of ticketing service providers to choose from, without mentioning the many extensions you can add. 

Choosing the wrong ticketing service can be fatal for your event. We all know the problems. Failed planning. Long check-in lines. Outdated functionality. Customer complaints. All are resulting in an adverse event experience.

Experts in online ticketing

With more than 5 years of international experience, we know exactly what is happening in the online ticketing industry. After carefully analyzing your wants and needs, we are determined to get you the right partner. And because we are independent, we can objectively value ticketing companies’ promises.

Three main objectives to focus on:


Make sure you have access to the right tools and functionality to have a streamlined event with satisfied visitors before, during, and after the event.


After carefully making a shortlist of possible ticketing services, we negotiate the best deal for you.


Organizing events can be time-consuming. FEVO will cover matching the exemplary ticketing service so you can focus on your event.

FEVO is a social commerce company founded in 2016 and headquartered in New York City. Retail, hospitality, and ticketing vendors use the platform with inventory management software to add greater flexibility to their checkout process and enable consumers to create shareable online shopping carts.

While FEVO maintains offices in New York’s Meatpacking District, employees are encouraged to work remotely if they so choose — FEVO team members can be found in dozens of cities across the globe.

FEVO helps vendor partners manage inventory, build campaigns, and launch offers via proprietary enterprise software. It allows consumers to access social features during checkout, like inviting friends to events and creating group seating arrangements via separate purchases.

FEVO is the social cart that enables shoppers to invite their networks to participate in their shared transaction experiences and enjoy the benefits. The FEVO team is passionate about finding new ways to bring people together around the things they love. At FEVO, it’s that simple: more fun, connection, and sales for brands. 

FEVO changes the way people shop and experience events and life experiences together. It is a fast-growing business in the sports and event ticketing space, offering unique opportunities for fans.