September 22, 2023

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“Should I Start A Business in Dubai?” & More Questions

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Dubai is a great place for entrepreneurship due to its strategic location, strong economy, favorable tax policies, and government incentives for startups. The city’s diverse population and business-friendly environment also create opportunities for entrepreneurs to access new markets and attract global talent. Amidst this city, Deira is a local hub with amazing pacing to begin your entrepreneurial journey. Let’s look at how to start a small business in Dubai and the prerequisites for finding and getting a shop for rent in Deira.

How to Start a Small Business in Dubai?

Starting a small business shop in Dubai involves several steps, including obtaining the necessary licenses, registering your business, and finding a suitable location. Here are some general steps you can follow: 

  • Research and plan: Before you start a small business shop in Dubai, research the market and determine what kind of products or services are in demand. You should also identify your target audience and competitors. Plan your business strategy and determine your budget. 
  • Choose a business activity: Decide on the business activity you want to undertake. It determines the nature of the license you need. You can choose from various activities like retail, food and beverage, or service-related businesses. 
  • Obtain necessary licenses: To start a small business shop in Dubai, you must obtain a trade license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). You must also register your business with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI). Additionally, if you plan to sell food or beverage, you must obtain approval from the Dubai Municipality’s Food Control Department. 
  • Find a location: Look for a suitable location for your business. Consider different elements like foot traffic, accessibility, and rental costs. You can also consider renting a space in one of Dubai’s many malls, which offer a prime location with built-in foot traffic. 
  • Set up your shop: Once you have obtained the necessary licenses and found a suitable location, you can set up your shop. Purchase inventory, hire staff, and start marketing your business to attract customers. 

Note: The process of starting a small business shop in Dubai can be complex, and it is recommended to seek the help of a business setup consultant or a legal professional to guide you through the process.

How to Rent a Small Shop in Deira?

Deira is a popular commercial hub in Dubai, known for its traditional souks and bustling retail centers. If you are looking for a shop for rent in Deira, here are some steps you can follow: 

  • Determine your budget and location preferences. 
  • Conduct research online and visit real estate agencies in Deira that specialize in commercial properties. You can also check out classified ads in local newspapers or websites. 
  • Provide the real estate agent with your requirements and preferences, including your budget, preferred location, and the type of shop you are looking for. 
  • The agent will show you available properties that meet your requirements. You can inspect the properties and negotiate the terms of the lease. 
  • Once you find a suitable property, you must sign a tenancy agreement and pay the security deposit and rent. 
  • Finally, you must obtain any necessary permits or licenses to operate your business in the shop. Working with a reputable real estate agency is important to ensure that you find a suitable property and that the rental process goes smoothly. Be prepared to negotiate the lease terms and provide all necessary documentation to secure the rental.