April 17, 2024

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How to reach ₹5 crore in 15 years: A step-by-step guide with an SIP calculator

SIP calculator: Monthly investment you need to make ₹5 crore in 15 years |  Mint

Mutual fund investing through a systematic investment plan (SIP) is an efficient and proven strategy for building wealth over time. By harnessing compound interest and reaping high returns, SIP investing can help you reach your financial goals faster than ever. This article discusses how SIP calculators and top mutual funds can help you reach a corpus of Rs 5 crore in 15 years.

1. Define your financial goals

Step one of achieving financial goals is determining how much money needs to be accumulated. Here, you need Rs 5 crore in 15 years and can use a SIP calculator to estimate our monthly investment needs towards this target.

2. Select appropriate mutual funds

Once you have identified your financial goal, the next step should be selecting suitable mutual funds. When looking for funds that offer consistent returns over an extended period, take note of their investment objectives, risk profile and expense ratio before investing. There are a variety of best mutual funds for long-term investments. Some examples are:

Large-cap mutual funds

These mutual funds invest in large-cap companies known for their stable performance and growth potential.

Mid-cap mutual funds

Mid-cap mutual funds invest in mid-cap companies, which tend to grow faster than large-cap firms but carry greater risks.

Multi-cap mutual funds

These mutual funds invest in companies across various market capitalizations, creating a diversified portfolio.

3. Calculate your SIP amount

With an SIP calculator, you can determine the monthly investment required to reach your financial goal of Rs 5 crore within 15 years. Assuming an annual return of 12%, which equates to investing approximately Rs71,000 every month to reach our target goal.

4. Begin early

Starting to invest early can help you meet your financial goals more easily and more quickly. Even small investments made regularly over time can add up quickly.

5. Monitor 

Maintaining regular monitoring of SIP investments is vital in order to make sure they’re performing as expected. Review your portfolio periodically and make changes if necessary. However, avoid making too many frequent adjustments as this can incur unnecessary expenses and compromise the performance of your portfolio.


Mutual fund investment through a Systematic Investment Plan is an effective way to build wealth over time. By following the steps outlined here and choosing mutual funds that align with your financial goals quickly. Utilizing an SIP calculator can help determine your monthly investment needed to reach this target; remember to start early, monitor investments regularly, and stay invested for an extended period so as to reap compounding’s advantages.