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2022 LoveScope Taurus

Love Horoscope for Taurus In 2022, there will be a lot of emphasis on job and professional matters, and continue to broaden your contacts and exposure to various lifestyles. Last year, Taurus, your love connections required some “cleaning up.” For many of you, a formerly fun or playful relationship evolved into something more serious. In other words, you might have made a more serious commitment to a casual romance! Others found a more mature or my todays horoscope severe love partner, and some were dissatisfied with their social life; perhaps some of you called it quits on a relationship that didn’t “cut the mustard,” as it were.

In other words, the relationship did not endure the reality tests that they were subjected to. This pattern will persist till the end of October 2022, when Saturn, the planet of maturity, restraint, and realism, departs your romantic sector. Until then, these motifs remain alive, especially for Taureans born later in the sign (from May 11 to 20).

This year has seen significant changes in a close companion. This year, though, is a little more stable than last, when your chart’s relationship ruler, Pluto, was traveling back and forth between two signs, indicating an actual state of flux and pointing to a partner sending out some significant mixed signals! Pluto is now firmly in Capricorn, and while your spouse is undoubtedly acting differently than in prior years, at least in 2022, the new features are consistent! You may discover that a partner is more goal-oriented and approaches your relationship from a different, more realistic standpoint.

Because Mercury rules your love sector, your romantic friendships are especially vulnerable to Mercury’s retrograde phases. These are times when romance may be stagnating, a lover may be contemplative, or love may bite you in the ass! Mercury will be retrograde from January 11 to February 1, May 7-30, September 7-29, and December 26, 2022, to January 15, 2023. The most difficult of these periods are the May retrograde when Mercury is mainly retrograde in your sign, and you could quickly be misunderstood, and the September retrograde, when Mercury is primarily retrograde in your romantic sector.

From March 6 to April 17, there is a sticky period for love, valid for everyone. However, this is a moment when people appear to misunderstand you and find you difficult to approach. You could be dwelling on the past rather than looking forward. Past actions return to haunt you, and for some, past partners reemerge in person or their minds to an unusual degree. Karmic events are taking place right now.

Uranus continues to assist you by introducing new and possibly eccentric lives, groups, and friends. You are continuing to broaden your horizons due to your interactions with a diversified group of contacts. Neptune continues to test you, clouding your sense of order in your life and maybe perplexing you professionally.

Those of you born in the early signs of Taurus (April 21-24) are feeling particularly powerful this year! Many people will discover a long-term spouse, perhaps from a different cultural background or while broadening their horizons. Greater self-assurance leads to new prospects in 2022.

A lover may find your shifting lifestyle or friendships challenging to accept this year, especially in February and September. Periods of accentuated closeness come in May, July, and December, when an alignment between Jupiter and Neptune is most likely to give you job chances but can also symbolize magnificent periods of intimacy! In mid-November, the Saturn-Pluto square is most likely to impact your work, but it could also signify a problematic time for a partner. This year’s eclipses have no direct impact on your love life.

2022’s pivotal epochs:

From June 6 to July 5, Venus will be in your sign. This is a period when the rest of the world appears to be speaking, or at least recognizing your “love language.” It’s an excellent time to attract people, turn on the charm, and gain positive responses from partners or love interests. Love appears to come to you without your having to pursue it.

From June 6 to July 15, Venus and Mars will be close to each other in your sign! This is a time of sexy power. Singles may now find themselves in a passionate relationship. If your love life suffered during the Venus retrograde period from March to April, you’re more than making up for it now! Mars is in your sign from May 31 to July 12, and it’s time to go after what (or who) you want with zeal.

From August 23 through September 22. Every year, when the Sun is in Virgo and transiting your romance sector, your attention is drawn to love, entertainment, romance, and fun.

Mercury goes retrograde in your partnership sector from September 7 to September 29. It is a time to be careful what you say to avoid misunderstandings in relationships, and it’s probably best not to upset the apple cart just now.

Your charm is effortless and natural from September 29 to October 13.

The time from November 8 to December 1 is favorable for attracting or enhancing a close love relationship.

Around June 6 and July 5, the optimum period to fall in love is June 6 and July 5.