July 22, 2024

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The Best Home Security Features to Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Isn’t it fabulous at all the technological advances that we have in modern society? Almost every facet of our lives is improved by some form of tech and it might be hard for some to remember a life without them. 

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to install home security features because their home is their largest investment and they want to protect their families, of course. What’s cool is that when a homeowner installs these devices, they can increase your home’s value and you might be pleasantly surprised when your home is appraised

If you’re hoping to appeal to buyers who want to find homes with security features, these are the best devices you’ll want to have. 

Smart Locks

The very first step in protecting your home from ne’er-do-wells is to make sure your doors are locked. It’s true that doors already come with locks and deadbolts, but they aren’t guaranteed. Plus, you’re stuck calling a locksmith if you’re locked out of the house because you lost your keys or left them inside!

By adding smart locks to your doors, you don’t have to worry about keys or someone jimming the locks. These devices can connect to your smart device and you can lock and unlock your doors from anywhere there’s a wi-fi connection. If you have a lot of smart features in your home, you can find smart locks that can be integrated to your smart home’s network for added convenience.  

Entryway Sensors

Your doors are locked up tight, so of course you should make sure your windows are locked as well. Your window locks might be suitable, but when you add sensors to them, you have an added layer of protection. You have the peace of mind in knowing that should someone try to get into the home by the window, you’ll be alerted right away. 

Security Cameras

On top of smart locks and sensors, security cameras can catch people who might otherwise have ill intentions… Or a delivery person or a neighbor stopping to say hello. The security cameras can connect to your smart device and you’ll get a notification if there’s anything moving within the camera’s detection zone. Some cameras can even act as an intercom and you can communicate with whomever is at your door, which is a nice convenience too.

High-tech Fingerprint Scanners

Having a fingerprint scanner might make you feel like you’re a top-secret spy (which can be cool), but it’s a great feature to have because you don’t have to worry about using your smart device or a key to unlock the door. Anyone whose fingerprints have been scanned are given access to the home. 

The Best Security Features Are Worth the Investment

It’s a sad state of the world when homeowners and buyers want a home that’s nearly as secure as Fort Knox, but it is what it is. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, it’s always nice to have that peace of mind in knowing that you have the proper protections just in case. 

These home security features may be costly at first, but when you decide to sell, you can be sure to appeal to buyers who want the same kind of peace of mind. Best part is, they won’t balk at the asking price once they see how secure their new home will be.