June 23, 2024

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Why Beauty Pageants Are Good for Female Empowerment 

Can beauty pageants ever be empowering? - BBC Culture

When viewing photos from beauty contests, the feeling is that the beauties look exactly the same and even seem “carbon-copied.” But is it true that nothing is changing in this industry?

For some time, beauty pageants have been highly successful after several years of taking part in such contests, have enlarged women’s futures in a different profession

What are Beauty pageants?

Beauty pageants are competitions where judges select the most beautiful girl, also called beauty contests. Such as Miss World and Miss universe.

Beauty pageants have changed the philosophy and mission, but there are most common questions. There used to be a certain set of beauties with the same beauty standards. There are also events where there are strict selection criteria – starting with height, age (from 18 to 23 years old), marital status, no children, physical characteristics, the presence of a creative component, and up to the absence of a criminal past. 

The beneficial impact of beauty pageants: 

Beauty pageants educate to female have self-confidence and prepare women for real-life circumstances. Girls with learning that they will able to do more than they imagined, Beauty pageants have a positive influence on women youngsters.

Significance of beauty pageants:

Beauty pageants are a way females can learn important knowledge while also having enjoyment. It’s learning the difference between winning and losing and gaining friendship. Beauty pageants give girls abilities that they can utilize in their life development.

Why are these contests needed?

The advantages of modern beauty contests are pumped communication skills, a new circle of acquaintances, creating projects, collaborations, and businesses, confident behavior, working with stress, new style skills, and the ability to negotiate with yourself and your family.

Make sure you tell your family where you are going and why (meetings are held every other day). It looks like you are entering a new stage. This is when a mother ceases to be a “you mother” and becomes a woman. I’ll clarify that “to squeeze” is a woman who is all like that in motherhood. She has hyper-custody, because of which they lose themselves and their husband because they go into “mom things.”

Thanks to such decisions, there is support and understanding. “I’m done, I did it for myself I’m already a winner,” women think.

There are also pitfalls. In any case, there will be the most beautiful – in relation to the canon of beauty – the girl who will win. Not because she was superior to others in everything. But because the city wants to present beauty in the next stage, so as not to lose face. There will always be dissatisfaction because you can’t please everyone – the principle “our girl was the best” plays.

To participate or not?

Girls should go to beauty contests, regardless of the standards (we do not take into account selections with too strict criteria). Girls with disabilities and large families participate free of charge. Of course, a lot of energy is spent on this. You need to look good, but the struggle and competition allow you to shake off that very cocoon of the “mother” when a woman walks with a “tail” in sneakers and does not think about anything but motherly worries. If we are talking about women with children, then now, as part of some competitions, there is a “children’s room” where you can leave your child.