April 20, 2024

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What Differentiate Businessmen and Entrepreneurs

The Difference between a Businessman and an Entrepreneur | Business Tips  Philippines

One of the main differences between entrepreneurs and business people is their characteristics and goals. The first difference is nature and purpose. Entrepreneurs do everything so that their innovation can succeed. An entrepreneur is more focused on skills, namely the utilization of human resources, with the primary goal of introducing new paths to achieve success. 

Entrepreneurs can maximize the utilization of their human resources with the HRM system, which allows them to automate attendance, leave, payroll, and other administrative tasks. 

While businessmen prioritize commercial and profitable things, they never try a new strategy in their business and only follow the existing ideas. Because a businessman’s primary goal is to forward things that are commercial and profitable.

Risk range

Entrepreneurs have a higher range of risk because they are bolder in thinking (out of the box), so they introduce new ideas in contrast to businessmen who have less business risk, even minimal, because they always think of things as calculated and careful thinking. But on the other hand, if the idea is successful, they can lead the market because they have no competitors. But the drawback is that because it follows the existing path, they have several competitors.

Attitude with employees and customers

The attitude of an entrepreneur is different from that of a businessman, who has a warm personality and always meets his employees with patience. This is because an entrepreneur likes people with the purpose and the responsibility to benefit their customers through innovation.


As you know, an entrepreneur usually has a friendly nature so that his workplace is unlimited because he wants his idea to succeed. He works in large areas to separate departments or co-workers’ offices and promote teamwork relationships between his employees. But one thing common for entrepreneurs and businessmen is that it always facilitates a productive workplace for their employees.


Entrepreneurs with an encaustic nature are always prepared to take risks, and if they fail, they overcome them and find appropriate solutions.


On the entrepreneur side, the world is constantly evolving as new ideas, tools, and machines continue to emerge in the business world.


As already explained, in terms of goals, an entrepreneur tends to be more concerned with the changes that are around. The goal is to pursue a passion, and the end goal can provide pleasure and satisfaction. 

Time in terms

An entrepreneur, in terms of time, is fond of wasting a lot of time getting new ideas. But for a businessman more valuable time, and he does not like to waste longer time in getting ideas. 

Since we discussed all the pointers about the difference between businessmen and entrepreneurs, let’s also include an example to understand it better. Many people may come to mind for this topic, but today we will talk about Aubrey Banks. He is an entrepreneur who has impacted his employees by simply being a leader more than a manager, so the employees do not fear away from him. They can easily approach him whenever they face any difficulty in their work or need to solve a too tangled problem. 

After the experience of over 17 years, Banks has reached a height in his professional life that many people get inspiration. Banks is a firm believer in saying, “we need to save ourselves first to be able to save anyone else,” Because of this, he makes sure to focus a lot on his emotional strength.