June 22, 2024

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Tips For Finding Business Sales Leads

Let’s face it, times are tough and finding business these days is not an easy task. The economy as a whole is not generating as much activity as in the past so we need to branch out and look at other avenues for sales lead generation.

Whether you are a small local shop looking to attract more traffic or you are a larger firm wanting to expand your market there comes the question of how? Relying on word of mouth is not enough to keep a business going. We must test other plans and methods to draw customers to our business.

I have compiled a list of ten useful business sales lead techniques.

1. Scan press release for the market that you which to target- local, national, or international. Here are plenty of websites that house press releases on just about any subject. Check out PR Newswire and look for companies announcing a new contract, a new executive, or a new product. When something new is happening in a business, they usually need the resources or services to support it. If your business would be able to help, reach out to the contact information listed.

2. Check the newspaper or online news sites for relocation announcements or new development in the area. If a business is moving, they will most likely need new services. It is a great opportunity for you to get the word out about what you can offer.

3. Browse the employment section or one of the employment websites like Monster or CareerBuilder. If a company is hiring a new project manager, for example, they might need a project manager training course. If they are hiring a class of entry level sales trainees, they might need promotional products to present them or training materials like text books or manuals. Think outside of the box and see if your business relates to the job posting. If so, reach out and offer your service.

4. Look into buying mailing lists. Sites today offer thousands of B2B mailing list choices for whatever market you want to target, from home-based businesses to top Fortune 500 Companies. The lists will provide you with contact information for your sales team to reach out too. The b2b mailing list technique is a quick way to get a mass number of some of the best sales leads.

5. Get involved in the business community to network with others. Join an industry specific club or a local organization, like Notary, to meet with many types of business members in your area. These groups are a great way to partner with others and provide your service for a service that you might need.

6. Browse the websites of your current clients. Some companies choose to put links to their top customers. Reach out to them and offer your services.

7. If you are looking for local business, check out the area. Stop into office buildings or business parks. They usually have building directories listing the company names. Also, pay attention to the business cars and trucks. Jot down the name and number if it seems like a company that you could offer service to.

8. Subscribe to publications in your area. Magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and more will have local sponsors, advertisements, or articles. Research and reach out to the businesses mentioned.

9. Partner with your current clients. Offer a discount on their bill if they provide you business sales leads.

10. Research tradeshows for your industry or the industries of possible clients. The tradeshow websites will list all the participating vendors. Gather their information and reach out to those that fall within your market.