May 21, 2024

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Styling Your Home Like a Hollywood Celeb

It’s time to turn your Hollywood dream into a reality. Creating a home with a luxurious feel is something we dream of. How often do you find yourself looking online at the latest trends, scrolling through Instagram on your favourite home accounts, longing for your home to reflect this style? It’s time to up the ante and put your foot on the interior design accelerator. 

Believe it or not, less really is more when it comes to giving our homes a wealthy, luxurious look and feel. We need to give the illusion that our space is clean and spacious through good cupboard organisation and putting those little bits of clutter away. We are all guilty of wanting to fill our homes with any décor piece we enjoy but if you are wanting to achieve a particular vibe, then you should look for quality, not quantity. 

Keeping this minimalistic will actually save you money, keeping you from spending too much on the little bits that don’t contribute towards your overall aesthetic, meaning you can focus your efforts on the finer detailing, such as matching sockets, light switches, and cabinet hardware… psst, Buster + Punch absolutely nail it! 

We know that those Hollywood Hill homes have everything and more, particularly when it comes to size. Which is why we know that celebrities tend to incorporate a lot more furniture than the average house can hold. This is why we have developed the idea that focusing on the size of your furniture pieces rather than the quantity, so we can focus on filling the room to the right capacity, not over filling it and creating an overcrowded look. 

Your interior design here should focus on both quality, and quantity. Filling your home with quality items that are the perfect size and fit of our rooms. Just because we aren’t filling the space with lots of furniture, doesn’t mean it has to lack character or design. If you look hard enough, you’ll find some exquisite pieces both online and in store that are perfect for your home. 

When it comes to quantity, we also mean down to the smaller detailing of cushions, throws, candles, and small trinkets. These all come under clutter. This doesn’t mean don’t have candles and throws, and cushions, but too many will deflect from the aesthetic you are trying hard to achieve, so save your pennies and be wise in your décor decisions.