June 12, 2024

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Small Business Marketing Strategies – 7 Key Benefits of Mobile Marketing For Your Business

Mobile marketing is fast becoming the new kid on the block. The mobile market has the potential to exceed that of Internet marketing by more than 5 folds. With more than 5 billion people owning mobile phones and about 45 percent are smart phones, it is no wonder that mobile marketing is set to become the next big thing for your distribution, advertising as well as promotion mix.

Today, I shall share the top key benefits of having a mobile marketing strategy and running such campaigns in addition to your conventional small business marketing strategies.

The one key criteria of any small business marketing strategy is to ensure that the message is focused and laser targeted at the right audience. Mobile marketing enables your customers to opt-in to receive your messages, thereby indicating inherent receptiveness and willingness to accept information from you. In any marker’s book, this is already one giant step towards a successful campaign.

It enables interactivity as it will allow you to interact with your target audience, on a one-on-one basis. Having a two-way conversation with your customers is key to understanding them from an in-depth and intimate perspective. Keep an open mind and this information could eventually help you develop better products in the future with feedback and constructive comments.

It allows you the marketer full control over messages, timing at which you send as well as the frequency. Take for instance that you are running an extremely time sensitive promotion which limit the response time of your prospects to a very tight window period of a few hours. You have full control of the number of times you send the message, the time between each message, and the last message before you end your time based promotion. Examples of such promotion messages can be dinner discount coupons, rock concert tickets free giveaways etc.

Marketers need to measure the success rates of each of their campaigns and receiving prompt responses is critical. One of the key benefits of mobile marketing is that more than 90 percent of the target audience respond to their messages, and in a timely fashion too. Of course, structuring your messages for easy response is of utmost important in this case. While the turnaround time for launching a mobile marketing campaign can be less than a day, it also allows you to monitor customer response to your campaign, thereby enabling you to make the necessary changes to your campaign almost on a real-time basis.

Sync your mobile marketing campaigns in tandem to your overall marketing plan, making it part of the marketing and promotion process. Integrating the entire spectrum of marketing tools enables you to generate better synergy.

SMS messaging is an easy, affordable and efficient approach to building brand awareness and bonding with your customers. It is also great way to keep your customers and prospects informed and updated on your business. This is not only true for customers but also business partners and vendors as well.

Mobile messaging can easily attract new customers and a text marketing message could be sent or forwarded to thousands of people, thereby giving rise to a successful viral marketing campaign. Of course, in order to achieve this, you will need to provide your customers a compelling offer.