April 23, 2024

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Revamp Your Barber Shop Business with a Custom Mobile App: A Complete Guide

Undoubtedly mobile apps are a part of our daily life. And if you run a barber shop, it can significantly benefit from a dedicated custom app. An app acts as a profitable tool for both customers and business owners. 

Appointment scheduling, promotions, advertising, pricing, notifications, and several other advantages of using a custom app. Moreover, now with easy to use development platforms, it has become easier to build and launch an app effortlessly.

Has it been typical to grow your barber shop business? There is a very strong frontier named as a mobile app that you can use to make your haircut business more profitable and visible among your customers. Even if you have a small-scale business, you can get desired results in less time.

In 2017 the worldwide revenue of the beauty and spa salon market was 128.59 billion U.S. dollars and it is expected to reach 190.81 billion U.S. dollars by 2024.

Consider an app like uber for haircuts as a robust business management tool to get orders, store clients’ data, communicate with them, receive payments, feedback, and much more. Even an app can help you deliver home visit service to your customers.

Do you want to build an app for barber shops? Well! It is a great time to start your barber shop with a custom mobile app, partnering with a reliable mobile app development company for efficient implementation.

How to build an app for your barber shop?

Developing an uber for haircuts is a very positive idea if you want to increase the reach and growth of your business. It is vital to keep an eye on customers’ demands. Here an app is the best way to connect with your clients straightforwardly and easily.

Build a basic layout

Developing a mobile app from scratch needs a great deal of expertise and effort. From back-end to front-end development, at every step, you need in-depth knowledge and coding expertise. 

Incorporating a professional team of user interface designers and app developers or hiring software developers from a trusted mobile app development company is necessary to build a basic layout of the app. It is often an expensive process; however, you can make it a less lengthy process with the several platforms available today. Even creating the back-end has become very handy with these platforms. 

Moreover, creating a basic layout enables you to get an initial idea about your app look and feel, so you will have room to make the changes at the start. In this way, you can make your app look more intuitive and attractive.

Customize Your Design

As a barber shop owner, your mobile app must attract customers and bring them to your shop. The app design should reflect your decent sense of aesthetics and beauty. The app interface must be intuitive and easy to navigate. 

Symmetry, colour scheming, and a balancing interface should be there that can showcase your products and improve the brand’s presence. Moreover, to be consistent, you must be careful while designing the app’s components and functional features. 

Also, never compromise with the app’s quality and usability aspect in the name of aesthetics, as building an uber for haircuts app for your barber shop is worthless if it is not usable.

Let us check the top barber app features: 

Barber Portfolio

It is one of the vital features you must include in your app. Incorporating a barber portfolio in the app enables your customers to choose the barber as per their choice. It is a beneficial feature that helps you monetize your app effortlessly.

Online booking and appointments

You must include the online booking and appointments feature in your app. It saves customers’ time and helps them get the desired service on time by eliminating the waiting time. 

Customers can also check the availability of barbers and book the service accordingly. They can easily schedule, cancel, and reschedule their appointments.

Push notifications 

Indulging push notifications feature in your app sends reminders to your customers regarding their appointments, reschedules, and cancellations. Barbers can also notify the customers regarding deals and discount offers.

Social media Integration

Social media integration will assist your customers in making registration for appointments easily. You must include login with social media apps as well as it enables customers to connect with the app and get the required services quickly. Social media integration also helps you promote your services seamlessly.

Photos and videos 

This feature will assist you to upload photos and videos of the products you use for haircuts, salons and treatments that are performed. It works as a catalogue and makes your app inviting.


You can also equip your app with a GPS that can assist clients in reaching your shop hassle-free. It also acts as a marketing strategy that results in a better user experience and higher sales.

Payment Gateway

To make your business sustainable and easy to adapt for your customer, you must offer different payment options to them. You should accept quick payments via safe payment gateways. This feature enables you to offer several payment options, including net banking and COD as well.

Review and launch

It is vital to check your app before you launch it. In this way, you can resolve issues if found in the app’s functionality, usability, and design. 

Use a suitable platform to streamline the app launch process, with several features and tools that enable you to review your build before publishing it to the world. Services that you offer at your barber shop or hair salon must be maintained with complete details.

Why should barbers build an app?

Running a business in today’s tech world is not easy. Automation of work is essential to grab customers’ attention, growth, visibility, and revenue. With an app, you can easily meet your client’s expectations. 

The market size of beauty salons in the United States in 2020 was 9.7 billion U.S. dollars and it is predicted to reach 42.8 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2021.

An uber for haircuts can easily eliminate the boring and tiring waiting time to get the haircut service. Moreover, it also increases your accuracy and efficiency. Building an app is also helpful for your clients as it offers them a pleasant and highly intuitive experience.

There are some of the key advantages of integrating your barber shop with an on-demand app is listed below:

  • Excellent customer experience
  • Data analysis
  • Constant association with customers
  • Images and reviews of barbershop
  • Easy management of appointments
  • Easy allocation of time to clients
  • Accessibility all the time
  • Discussion for a future haircut is easily possible in advance
  • Flexible payment options using different payment gateways
  • Customers can choose a suitable time and even availability of haircut experts.


Building an app for your barber shop will help you build loyalty, generate new business and increase the brand’s visibility. It is an easy way to ensure that your business grows and grows in today’s highly competitive era of mobile technology. Implementing an app for your haircuts services generates more revenue and offers easy customer interaction. If you are interested in building an app for your barber shop, reach out to a reliable software development company to kick start your journey to digital transformation.