May 21, 2024

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Restart Your Life in Your 60s


Old age is something that inevitably comes to meet all of us, and likes it or not, we all have to embrace and accept it with grace. Many view it as the end of one’s meaningful life – a life when our bodies start showing signs of fatigue and can’t just perform the way it has been for a long period of time.

You can consider old age as that time when most of the elderly people have been left behind by their prosperous kids who have possibly migrated to other states of the country or even out of the country for better prospects in their active careers. 

But for many others, retirement at 60 marks a milestone beyond which they have left behind most of their liabilities towards their families and this material world. A point which has rekindled the urge to live afresh – for all the unfulfilled wishes, for all the unexplored joys.

Retirement homes – a new abode of peace

Traditional old age homes that have remained the refuge for many seniors for decades have come a long way to be rechristened in a new avatar. Gone are the days when people living in old age homes were considered to be deserted by their families.

Now the new avatar, the luxury old age homes, are sweet homes to thousands of elderly parents. These are the places where prosperous NRI kids happen to find the best care for their beloved moms and dads left behind. 

The Travancore foundation, situated at Karukachal in the Kottayam district of Kerala, is one of such luxury old age homes that have set up a new standard of excellence in geriatric care. 

The Travancore Foundation is a trailblazer not only in Kerala but also in the entire country that has earned the respect of communities. 

Pamper yourself with upmarket luxury

His ‘own country’ Kerala has been bestowed amply by God – with its lush greenery, rich heritage, the bliss of Ayurveda and wonderfully charming and caring people. The ones just needed when your ‘empty nest’ starts engulfing with its black hole-like emptiness.

Like the luxurious palaces of Kerala, the grandeur of living amenities has been well thought of by founders and management of retirement homes like Travancore Foundation (TF). A pioneer in research on Geriatric care in India that is dedicated to building senior-friendly housing by its developer wing, Travancore Homes.

The TF group has already built 125000 sqft of senior-friendly living spaces offering 90 dwelling units at its properties Mission Valley and Rahel Homes and coming up with 3 lac square feet luxury old age homes in two more cities of Kerala. 

About 400 living units owned by the foundation are at various stages of development. The properties are fortified with luxurious residences and tranquil landscapes – primary requirements for peaceful post-retirement living.

Senior care revolutionised by the TF group

Travancore foundation is one of a kind in the country that is run by a trustee board that envisions and plans philosophies behind the multitude of senior care initiatives at their luxurious properties.

Independent and assisted living are two flavours of life in such retirement homes. Unlike a single nurse dedicated to a group as in free old age homes, these state of the art luxury old age homes offers their senior guests round the clock dedicated caregivers. 

Assistance with daily chores and errands, an enhancement to the quality of life by leisure-time activities, restoration of impaired functional mobility, tailor-made nutrition through dietician-designed nutritious meals and snacks, hospital facilitation through assistance, and dementia and stroke management through thoughtful mind care exercises are a few of the numerous activities that the trustee board get done by a group of gerontologists, doctors, medical and para-medical staff.  

Special care for chronic illness is catered to in such retirement homes. Residents are taken to planned outings for entertainment. Interactions and gameplay with other residents carefully keep at bay the obvious loneliness of an otherwise solitary life.

TF also offers a short time living programme through which seniors can give it a try to learn how life goes in the best old age home like the Travancore foundation. They then may plan for a longer or permanent stay, having been impressed by the grand design of the care programme.

Choice of the NRIs

The luxury old age homes of Kerala have been able to earn a formidable reputation and trust of millions of NRIs as a preferred destination for keeping their beloved seniors – in the safe and experienced hands.

They rest assured in faraway countries abroad, living in the peace of mind that their parents are being taken care of well by a group of experts and professionals, their needs are being fulfilled in the best manner possible, 24X7 keeping a strict vigil on their physical and mental health as well as wellbeing.

TF is also dedicated to community development through education and research. Philosophies of the trustee board trickle down to the lowest levels of the foundation, thereby motivating them with a high spirit of care and dedication. Such a synergy boosts morale at the grassroots and secures the trust and dependability of NRIs.


Living overseas in faraway places, bogged down by the stresses of hectic work life, the only solace that comforts you is the feeling that though you have left behind your parents at home, they are happy and living a cosy, luxurious yet tranquil life at a place like Travancore foundation.