February 26, 2024

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Look In The Business

Nissan Wars

There is a New BUZZ around The Virginia’s…and it’s spreading like Wild Flowers… Bill Cole Nissan, the #1 Nissan Dealer in Southern West Virginia has launched and all out attack on area Nissan Dealers – so The Nissan War has begun!! Cole Nissan has captured the attention of all major market areas in both Virginia’s through a strategic series of targeted Automotive E-marketing Campaigns, DNC Approved Telephone Campaigns and Innovative Direct Mail campaigns by gathering information from consumers about their last car experience – BEFORE THEY SELL THEM A CAR!!

GM Partner, Mr. Ralph Vines, Mr. Mark Warner a.k.a. “The Dealman” and Business Development Director, Dr. Harold Elam Jr. have focused in on the needs of their guest! 90 days ago they began listening to the buyer first, putting the sale of the vehicle second, and really listening to what their valued guest have to say…and boy did they get an ear full! Consumers today are smarter buyers, and they have learned the lingo of the car business. Our insiders say that consumers, through email surveys sent out from Cole, stated in their responses, that Dealers have told them:

You Are Buried In Your Trade

You Need Money Down

You Have Bad Credit

You Need A Co-Signer

Cole Of Southern West Virginia began responding to the surveys with one question.. .”Who Told You That?” The recipients began to detail and release information of how they were treated and who treated them that way. When the other Nissan Dealers Said What They Said, once again Bill Cole Nissan Of Southern West Virginia Counter Attacked with One Question – “Who Told You That?”

Did Charleston Tell You That?

Did Beckley Tell You That?

Did Wheeling Tell You That?

Did Clarkeburg Tell You That?

…and consumers told #1 Bill Cole Nissan Who Told Them That. Presenting the best opportunity to serve the needs of their guest, and unlike the competition,#1 Cole Nissan Told Them Yes, earning the right to ask for their business!!