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Internet Mom Builds A Profitable Business All Over The World

Who said the Internet’s dead? The Internet can actually be extremely helpful in building your Network Marketing business. One important key to keep in mind…..

Make sure to use the Internet as an effective communication tool.

You want to become successful building on the Internet right?

Here’s the MOST important thing the Internet Mom has done to build a profitable business online….

TWO way communication!

The Internet is one of the most powerful communication tools to help us save time and reach more people from around the world!

Make sure you’re not being mixed up with the millions of bulk email ads promising overnight riches!

This is all ONE way communication!!

You know all the worthless spam that’s filling up millions of email boxes and causing more and more people to use those filter blocking high tech devices that are affecting even those of us who are offering REAL legitimate help to people who actually ARE looking for what we have to offer!

Geezzzz…..why can’t people just get REAL?

It’s no wonder we hear people crying….”it’s getting tougher and tougher to make money on the Internet”!

Well duh!!!

This only happens when people try to building a business online without building relationships of any kind. What’s worse is most of them don’t even care to build relationships because they’re only interested in getting what they want!

There’s no TWO way communication going on!

People think an Internet business can be started by putting up a website or by sending out these long drawn out boring emails to people, even the people they’ve met online and think everyone’s going to just jump for joy to get

into their great opportunity.

This Internet Mom doesn’t hide behind a screen all day sending out emails to millions of people that most likely won’t even open them, and she doesn’t put her Internet business on auto pilot without using the human touch!

Anyone still using bulk email to spam people into oblivion might as well just give it up right now because that’s not how it works any more! Puke puke puke!

With all the new spam filters today, most of these emails won’t even make it through to a real person. Not to mention how much spam email gets deleted when it does get through.

Anyone using his method to build online will find out just how cold the Internet can be when they get shut down by

their ISP because of all the spam complaints!

Use caution when buying leads online too because a lot of times people don’t remember signing up for something and when they receive information some of them will scream spam!

Make sure when purchasing leads that they come with all the documented proof ie: ISP address, date and time stamp. Here’s what to look for,Name of person,2004-12-28

So how has this Internet Mom built a profitable thriving business with thousands of distributors from all over the world all from the comforts of her home with the Internet and the telephone?

Simply by building a successful long term network marketing business using the Internet as an effective communication tool to build relationships with a few key ‘people’ that were met online! TWO way communication!

What tools are used?

Autoresponders are used to help automate information while I’m sleeping, proven leads are purchased (be very careful of this and make sure you have the above information on all of the leads you buy online and only buy leads

that have been tested by someone you know and trust), people are directed to websites and email marketing is used effectively with drip campaigns. Online communities and discussion groups have also been very effective when used properly.

Building a strong foundation by really getting to know people and what makes them tick and allowing them to get to know us!

People like doing business with people they know, like and trust. Don’t you?

Do business with people that you meet on the Internet by simply developing relationships with them! It’s

simple but remember getting to actually know people and developing a relationship takes some time!

Another very important key is to NEVER GIVE UP!

So how is all this done effectively?

By turning high tech automation with the Internet into high touch relationships. TWO way communication which

builds a thriving profitable Network Marketing business.

Be different from all those generic web sites that are pushing products in people’s faces and telling them how much they NEED these products and services. Has there been any TWO way communication asking them what they need?

Give people something much more than just another web site loaded with facts and figures, search engines, and links to everywhere and everything in the whole wide world.

Take someone to a place where they feel comfortable. Where they see you are for real, and not only YOU but an entire TEAM of people then you and they just might start to experience the real beginnings of building a solid foundation for the future.

So how on earth does an Internet Mom do this?

By being different from all the rest. One solution is to create a sense of identity by branding yourself.

A personal web page is a great way to do this!

Tell people about yourself, your family, your team, your goals, why you do what you do and how you’re going to help them!

There are website templates available now that are very affordable and user friendly so you do not have to hire a web designer and pay thousands of dollars for a fancy website presence. Keep it simple, personable and professional so that people can duplicate you!

Put your blog on your site, photos of you and your family, your business team, your company convention photos, your products, your dog, whatever you like to show people that you’re real! A blog is a great way to do this. A blog is sort of like writing a diary or think of it as your memoirs! A blog is a great way to brand yourself and start building relationships online because it’s a way for people to get to know you and start the communication process because they can post back to your blog. TWO way communication!

People decide whether or not to read your blog. It’s not spam sent to them that they didn’t asked for. It’s their choice to read it or not and it’s also their choice to respond or not.

The goal with a personal website is to create a place where people will get to know you a bit better and determine if they’d like to know you even more and most importantly partner with you.

You can use your personal website to show people what your values are, what’s important to you and use it as an ice breaker to building a relationship with your future business partners.

Most people already have websites provided by their companies.

These websites are usually very high quality, professionally maintained websites, filled with all the necessary information anyone could ever want to know about a business opportunity, products, services, etc. ONE way


These websites are ONLY to send out after you’ve started your rapport and relationship building with people. AFTER you find out if they are even interested in what your opportunity and ready for TWO way communication!

Company websites are used for informational purposes to sell the company and products, not to help people get to know YOU! They don’t sell you, YOU sell you!

Think of ALL the websites you see all day long and all of the emails you receive? Do you get to know these people from these websites and/or emails? Do you see a REAL picture of the person on there or some model photo? Do any of these people ask, “how can I help you”? ONE way communication!

What if you see a personal website and it tells you a little about them as a person, you see their face, and how they are all working together as a team and how much fun they are all having together and of course all the important training content that’s important too?

What if you started receiving emails from people that are really interested in YOU and how you and your family are doing and asking how can they help YOU? How about personal emails? Who sends those anymore? The Internet Mom does. TWO way communication!

Always get the people’s permission FIRST! Get invited into their lives! The best way to get invited into THEIR lives is to show them YOURS! TWO way communication!

This is how the Internet MOM communicates!

Remember its important FIRST to find out where a person is in their life, find out about THEM first and if they are interested in getting to know you and reviewing your information. Developing a relationships also means picking

up the telephone and actually speaking with people! This is where the real high touch starts happening! TWO

way communication!

Picking up the phone and calling to introduce yourself is extremely important and one of the key reasons why

the Internet Mom has been so successful in building a very profitable business online!

Here’s a couple of true stories that have developed through TWO way communication and turned into a true

long term passive residual income for the Internet Mom!

I have been building relationships online since 1996 and started publishing a newsletter in 1997 before knowing

anything about writing or developing a newsletter. Over the years it has evolved with substance and content and

has developed into a lot of TWO way communication because of the long term relationships that have developed!

In October of 2003 I sent something out to my newsletter readers about a new company I had just joined. Some

of my readers had been reading my newsletter for over five years. Well this particular company information hit

the hot button of five readers. One of them was an Internet Marketing student from my newsletter for years.

From that one mailing the sales force with that company has grown to thousands of people and it continues to grow monthly and provides me with a very nice passive residual income every single month even though I do not work it now! In fact, this company had a convention recently and many people from that sales force were there and I

wasn’t even present!

A lady from all the way across the world in Australia emailed from an online community about the business and I picked up the telephone and called her in Australia, started the relationship and now I have hundreds of people

in my organization from Australia! All from one relationship online!

Another affiliate income that the Internet Mom has growing with people from all over the world came from

building a key relationship with one person met on the Internet over eight years ago!

The Internet Mom has developed true LEVERAGE through TWO way communication!

A profitable business bringing in thousands of dollars a month has been built with thousands of distributors from all over the world and it was all done by developing a few key relationships online all from the comforts of home.

There are so many people out there searching the Internet for REAL opportunities, real people, a real team, a real business with a strong foundation. They are searching for you and want to communicate with YOU!

Go out and start some TWO way communication like the Internet Mom has and watch your business grow all over the world!

Copyright © 2005 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved.