April 18, 2024

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How P&C License Agents are Protecting Business Owners.

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One insurer has to appoint you to sell the policy for them before you can get the property and casualty insurance license. The P&C license agents sell policies to business owners to protect them. 

Property and casualty license.

With this license, an independent agent can sell casualty and property insurance. It includes the following:

  • Business income insurance.
  • General liability insurance.
  • Commercial property.

With the P&C license, agents protect small business owners by selling policies. Some of these policies include:

  • General liability. If a business causes property damage or bodily injury, this insurance protects them from a claim.
  • Professional liability. If there is a mistake in the professional service provided, this insurance protects small business owners from claims.
  • Commercial property. It protects small business owner who rents or own equipment, tools, buildings, and inventory.
  • Workers compensation insurance. An employee might get sick or even injure themselves while at work. They should get compensated because the injury happened at the work premises.

Before getting an insurance license, the state requires that at least one insurer should appoint you to sell its policy. The structure of the P&C exam varies depending on the testing provider and the state.

Topics to focus on when preparing for the P&C insurance exam.

  1. Insurance concepts, terminology, and contracts.
  2. The provisions and structure of the policy.
  3. The basics of property insurance.
  4. Casualty insurance basics.
  5. Homeowner policy.
  6. Personal auto policies.
  7. Commercial property policies.
  8. Commercial general liability coverage.
  9. Business owner policies.
  10. State insurance laws.

Insurance agents with P&C licenses sell policies that protect businesses or personal properties. If you have the P&C license, you can sell various types of insurance like: 

  • Commercial property insurance.
  • Car insurance.
  • General liability insurance.
  • Homeowner insurance. 

P&C career paths.

  • Insurance investigator.

The insurance investigators review the filings of the claimant and the findings of insurance adjusters. The investigator will ensure the adjusters and claimants follow company guidelines by checking their documentation. 

  • Insurance adjuster.

They create a report that details the damages and events related to the claim. They investigate settlement claims that relate to businesses, homes, or insured properties.

  • Insurance underwriter.

They help the insurer comply with cover risks, and regulatory requirements, and reject uninsurable risks. Before a company enters into an insurance contract with any business or individual, it is essential to determine the risk. 

How to pass the property and casualty licensing exams.

  1. Study early.

Study early for exams to get time to review the course content already completed. 

  1. Use practice test models.

Practice test models contain relevant materials and questions that simulate an actual exam. It will give you an idea of what to expect from the test. 

  1. Avoid distractions. 

Distractions will affect your concentration hence, avoid entertainment devices like TV and phones while studying. Instead of learning continuously, take short breaks to improve your focus.

  1. Review state exam models.

Review the test section material to know which specific sections to concentrate on. 


The agents with C&P licenses usually sell policies to small business owners to protect them. If you want to pass the licensing exams, you should study, avoid distractions, and review state exam models, and practice test models.