April 20, 2024

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Here's why Dunkin' Donuts customers are outraged by the new rewards program

Here’s why Dunkin’ Donuts customers are outraged by the new rewards program

Dunkin’ Donuts has introduced a new rewards method, and it’s wreaking havoc between their espresso-loving clients.  

Final 7 days, the organization overhauled its program known as “DD Perks” and replaced it with “Dunkin’ Benefits.” Below the outdated perks method, buyers could generate five points for each greenback they expended, and 200 details (or $40) was more than enough to earn a cost-free drink of your option. 

Underneath the new benefits application, however, that $40 will only get you a cup of tea. To receive sufficient factors for a free cup of espresso you’d have to invest $50, but which is not together with lattes and chilly brew. You have to commit $70 to get a free “crafted” drink, which features an espresso, a cold brew, or a refresher. And it’s $90 for a “premium” drink, like Dunkin’s signature latte. 

Some buyers are not happy about it. 

The Dunkin’ Donuts Reddit forum is ablaze with problems about the new system. There are a number of posts in which consumers share how substantially they dislike the new rewards program, with a single acquiring shut to 200 remarks. 

“Don’t test to piss on me and tell me its raining, Dunkin,” a single Reddit user wrote. “Were having a lot less with the illusion of additional.”

“I’m in a state of disbelief,” claimed a further Reddit person, detailing how substantially much more funds they should expend to get the exact perks. “I’m ill. This is horrific.”

A further mentioned the amount of money of time it would just take for them to get paid a latte with points was “absolutely egregious.”

Twitter customers weren’t a lot kinder, and since the announcement they’ve flooded the platform to share their disappointment—there are still new Tweets coming in every couple of minutes, complaining about the adjust. 

“Now as a substitute of spending $40 to get a totally free drink from Dunkin, I have to expend about $60-$70 with the new application/rewards update? Y’all what,” 1 particular person tweeted. “I know inflation has been lousy but $20-$30 extra for a totally free drink? Y’all gotta be joking. Remember to say it is a joke.”

Other people wrote that the new system is pushing them to wander absent from Dunkin’ Donuts espresso entirely. 

“i swear i’ll commence boycotting @dunkindonuts unless they adjust the damn benefits technique back,” 1 person wrote on Twitter. 

In a Frequently Requested Area on its website, the firm wrote that it adjusted the software due to the fact “our users should have extra.” 

But some typical customers have been not having it. “I hate how they consider to spin it in the FAQ like it’s a massive win for all of us customers when it is a full downgrade,” one reddit person wrote. 

Dunkin’ Donuts President Scott Murphy told the Wall Street Journal that the company changed the rewards system in section to mirror the costs of building some of people drinks. He extra that customers can now redeem factors for food choices, which they have been not able to do in advance of, and gain benefits soon after spending a lot less revenue. 

“Change can be really hard for persons,” he said. 

Dunkin’ Donuts did not right away respond to Fortune’s ask for for remark. 

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