April 20, 2024

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Distichain: The Go-To Global B2B Trading Platform

UAE Blockchain enabled B2B Marketplace partners with Seychelles digital  custodian provider - UNLOCK Blockchain

In the search for the best global B2B trading platform, numerous options are available, with Distichain emerging as a top contender. Distichain offers an exceptional B2B e-commerce marketplace and e-procurement platform designed to create seamless trading experiences for businesses of all sizes.

Innovative Technology and Seamless Integration:

Leveraging the power of AI and blockchain, Distichain’s backend trade engine connects insurance, logistics, AML, KYC providers, and financial institutions, providing a border-centric agnostic trading environment. The platform streamlines process governance, documentation, and smart contracts in one location, with transactions logged on the blockchain for enhanced security and automation.

Distichain’s intuitive, web-based marketplace allows companies from various geographies and sizes to access this cutting-edge technology and benefit from its value.

Empowering SMEs:

Distichain collaborates with innovative solution providers in the supply chain, trade finance, and fintech industries to empower SMEs, granting them access to services typically reserved for larger companies. By utilizing smart contracts, end-to-end transactions are fully automated, eliminating the need for emails in cross-border transactions.

Customer Benefits:

Customers evaluate Distichain’s offerings using three primary metrics to measure success:

  1. Lower OPEX
  2. Low CAPEX
  3. Rapid deployment without technical expertise

The Value of Enterprise B2B Marketplaces:

Enterprise B2B marketplaces aim to help large businesses transition to online platforms, creating a digital customer experience for traders. By connecting third-party buyers and sellers, these platforms facilitate information exchange, negotiation, and deal closure. A robust B2B platform should integrate seamlessly with supply chain and finance systems, offering a fully digitized experience to traders, a benefit provided by Distichain.

Embracing the Future of Global Trade:

B2B marketplaces are increasingly becoming the future of global trade. Studies indicate that, by 2022, B2B marketplaces will grow 7.2 times faster than other B2B e-commerce sectors. Approximately 57% of B2B shoppers are already procuring goods and services from these marketplaces, seeking a similar experience to B2C shopping. As a result, partnering with Distichain has evolved from an option to a necessity for businesses aiming to succeed in the global market.

Distichain is revolutionizing the global B2B trading landscape by offering a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that leverages innovative technologies and seamless integration. By empowering SMEs, delivering tangible customer benefits, and embracing the future of global trade, Distichain stands out as a leading choice for businesses seeking to optimize their trading experience and achieve success in an increasingly competitive market.