July 22, 2024

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Catering Advice – Buying a Catering Business

Catering Advice – Buying a Catering Business

Buying a Catering business or setting up a new business of any kind is a scary process, but Catering can be even harder. The Laws are all ways changing within all areas of the catering trade. One of the most commen things I see from people is the lack of Market research people do before they buy. You really most have a plan of what kind of outlet you want, for example what sort of food and drink you would like to sell. There is no point in buying an outlet that you think looks great but the area and population won’t allow you to trade in your area of skill.

Talk to the suppliers before you purchase have them ready to go, the sooner your trading the sooner your earning money. You might find that some of the larger suppliers will help you with signage etc, some will even give you some cash loans. Try and have as much ready before you even find the outlet, therefore the minute you find the right one your good to go. You will also find it easyer to find the right outlet if you have things like menu’s done, you will find that it will stand out a lot more.

Try and have some key staff ready to start with a months notice, head chef, manager, bar staff etc should be in your mind before hand. Staff hand books and and working rules should be in place before you start hiring. Try and think of wages for all staff, a good profit and loss will be needed.

You might want to look at the hours you are going to have to put in, both in front of customers and behind closed doors. Have you got what it takes to be nice to everyone when things aren’t going so well, this includes staff. What you should also remember is the fact that you are in a fun industry, try and enjoy the work you are doing. If you smile the staff smile and if the staff smile then the customers will smile right back, and thats what this trade is all about, people being happen.