How To Identify Fake Job Offers On The Internet?

Be careful when looking for work through social networks and the internet. The portal provides you with tips and a method to report scams in employment publications.

Beware of calls that promise more than necessary, in which unusual things are demanded and that are managed in informal channels.

Criminals take advantage of the need of thousands of people for employment and thus invent processes or documents to illegally collect money or steal information. In a selection process they should not charge you anything! Do not forget recruitment agency hull in this situation for help.

Characteristics of a fake job offer 

1. To apply you must pay for a training or registration

In no way should they charge you a fee for participating in a selection process. The exams or training necessary to fill the vacancy must be provided by the employer. Nor can they make you pay for medical exams or bank consignments.

2. The company does not appear anywhere and nobody knows it

If the company has summoned you to an address for an interview, you should first investigate what company it is and where it is located. Also be wary if the recruiter asks you to make a home visit right away.

3. They write you from personal emails or with dubious domains

Human Resources teams and companies that are interested in your profile should write to you from an email that contains a corporate domain at the end. The domain of the mail should not be unknown, personal, or informal. Please verify this before replying to an email.

4. They give you more than the bill and it seems to be too good to be true

Some people find themselves with job opportunities that offer great benefits and ‘ideal’ positions, without demanding much or without being clear when it comes to describing the functions of the worker. In fact, many times professional profiles are requested to occupy positions totally different from those initially agreed.

5. Request for personal data and identity documents

Your data is valuable, if they ask you for photocopies of identity documents you should do it with the greatest caution. Generally, you will first have to go through several filters and obtain a job offer to start a hiring process. Don’t submit your most important details early in a recruitment process. You can take help from temp recruitment agencies.

Contact us and report

The portal commented on the publication of strange job offers by unscrupulous people. Our interest is that you find a better job and that you use the portal for your professional benefit.

If you have evidenced the publication of offers of this type, we ask you to inform us of any suspicious situation or notice, sending us the following information:

  • Name of the person and / or company
  • Identity of the person and / or company
  • Screenshot of the offer published on

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