June 20, 2024

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How to Establish a Small Business from Your Home

When it comes to owning a small business at home, it’s important that you understand that what you’re about to set out to do is a venture that is inevitably going to be filled with highs and lows. Starting a small business is hard work and can take people years to get used to running a small business from their home rather than an office. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how to establish a small business from your home. 

When it comes to owning a home business, there are going to be lots of negatives and positives. Here, we have provided a small insight into both. 

What Are the Pros of Owning a Small Home Business:

  • The first pro of owning your own business at home is that smaller, home owned businesses has fewer overhead costs. Things such as warehousing fees are non-existent, and there are tax deductions which you can claim back.
  • You also have the option of whether you want to sell your products either locally or internationally.
  • You have the freedom to choose whether you want to work certain hours, weekends- or at all! This can sometimes work out a lot better, as if you have commitments such as childcare etc., you can work around these.
  • You can recruit help from friends or family members if you need to, and this will inevitably help reduce the load of your work. 

What Are the Cons of Owning a Small Home Business:

  • Your home may become a place that is overrun with all things business related. Your property may become something which somewhat resembles a messy factory, with inventory everywhere. This is really only seen as a con as the number of things you have in your home may disrupt slightly your home life.
  • If your business begins to do really well, then you will have to potentially think about moving somewhere other than your home. If your business begins to overrule your home, then you may need to think about upscaling your premises and potentially think about hiring employees, which will ultimately end up causing you more money.
  • Working from home all the time can sometimes get a bit lonely, and although it offers you a lot of freedom, it can sometimes still be an emotionally withdrawing time. 
  • You will still have to comply with any regulations that are expected of you pertaining to your business. For example, if you are beginning a food business then you may need to rent a commercial kitchen if you have an intent to sell or make food. Additionally, for an industry such as cooking, you will need to hold the correct license or permit which will enable you to do so.


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