June 12, 2024

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Grow Your Home Business 15 Times Faster With This Powerful Secret Nobody Talks About

Want to grow your home business faster and bigger than all your competition? Then put the phone down, fire the telemarketer and do the simple thing in this article, instead.

Listen to this:

One of the most incredible statistics I’ve ever heard about home business marketing and selling is that one good referral customer is worth 15 phone calls.

And if you think about it, that makes sense.

Let me give you an example why.

Last year I had to get my car fixed. I was going on a long trip and I wanted everything looked at, fixed up, and inspected.

I called someone I knew and he recommended me to a mechanic who was a friend of his family and who worked out of his own garage at his home. Everyone in my friend’s family used this mechanic. Yes, he was a pit “pricey.” But he was good, honest and he would treat me right.

I was sold. I didn’t need to see the guy’s credentials or even talk to him on the phone.

I went over to his garage, spent probably $500 more than I would have somewhere else and I was happy about it.

Because I knew the value I was getting.

The price didn’t matter. The long wait didn’t matter (he had a waiting list of customers wanting to use him). The only thing that mattered is I knew I was getting good service from someone who wasn’t going to screw me over.

And you know what?

Since then I’ve sent that mechanic business over and over again. And people I’ve sent to him have sent him business and so on and so forth.

In fact, I would guess this mechanic makes a very good living simply because he has so many of us “selling” his services for him.

And that’s the power of referral marketing for a home business.

Nothing else comes close. Not only is it cheap (even free), but it produces better customers and quality business for years into the future.