April 17, 2024

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Top Conversational AI Companies in the UAE

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Conversation AI refers to the type of artificial intelligence that allows consumers to interact with computer applications in a similar way that they would with other humans. This typically takes the form of advanced chatbots or AI chatbots, which differ from conventional chatbots. As a result, conversation AI platforms are designed to imitate human interactions, recognize text, and communicate in different languages. This has offered a unique opportunity for businesses to introduce the right tools and expertise to reach out to their audiences. However, selecting the right conversational AI company can be challenging nowadays. Therefore, we have collected some of the best conversational AI companies in the UAE.

Bluecast Technologies

Bluecast was founded by a group of industry experts with decades of expertise in Dubai in 2012. The aim was to provide software consultancy and services to Government agencies and corporate companies in Dubai. This company has worked on many big projects and as a result, it has built strong partnerships with top-notch organizations, such as Google and Red Hat. This has enabled Bluecast to provide effective solutions to various companies. Key areas of expertise include AI, analytics, cybersecurity, blockchain, web and cloud computing. Additionally, Bluecast hosts a variety of products, featuring solutions for everyday problems faced by customers with different goals.


EDC is one of the best conversational AI companies that aims to accelerate your company’s digital growth by using validated methodologies and addressing challenges. There are many reasons why you would want to choose EDC over other conversational AI platform providers. They’re market leaders in providing a diverse portfolio of organizations with strategic and insight-driven digital solutions and unparalleled capabilities. Also, while other conversational AI companies may only focus on implementing the plans for their clients, EDC also offers crucial inputs and thought leadership to fuel them. Thanks to the use of ultra-modern technologies, they will cater to your unique business requirements.


Smartbot is a leading company, which focuses primarily on advancing chatbots in every industry. They use state-of-the-art technology and pre-built templates, which can take your business to a new level. You can customize the design flow with a few simple clicks and as a result integrate with third parties. More importantly, you don’t need a code builder, as it’s easy to drag and drop to create a customized bot with the design and flow that you prefer. In comparison to others, Smartbot is well-advanced in features, such as automated email follow-ups, condition-based conversations, high security with data masking, and more.

Voxtron Middle East

Voxtron Middle East is based in Dubai with offices spread across Belgium, Germany, India, Austria, Portugal, Italy, and others. They specialize in chatbot development, CRM development, RPA development, technology consultation, Call Center software solutions, and deployment of both cloud and on-premises solutions. These solutions are designed to enable organizations to improve customer interactions, enhance business processes, and optimize their workforce. As a result, this has helped businesses increase revenue, mitigate risk, manage operational costs, and enhance loyalty. Their customers include outsourcing companies, government organizations, corporates, and financial and insurance organizations.