June 20, 2024

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MLM Network Marketing Training – Rejection by Your Spouse!

Everyone faces rejection in life, but what makes our form of rejection so devastating is that it often comes from the very people we most love and respect. Our spouse, our parents, our best friends and business associates. We are convinced that rejection causes more people to fail in MLM than any other factor, and often they fail literally before they ever begin because their approach is from the head, not the heart.

Over the many years of being in the network marketing industry I have realized that rejection has caused many people to give up and fail. I have experienced rejection in my early years and I have discovered how to overcome it. I would like to share a story with you to understand how rejection by a spouse would occur. Here’s the classic scenario.

Joe is at a transitional place in his life and open to a career change. He is receptive to listening to a new business concept. He goes to a network marketing meeting and for the first time everything makes sense and he is excited. He finds himself enthusiastic about the earning potential. Throughout the second half of the presentation he begins to make a mental list of the friends and associates whom he knows would be excellent at recruiting.

He goes home and corners his wife. He’s really excited and the conversation goes something like this: “Honey, our worries may be over. I think Saeed has given us a gift from God. I was just over at Saeed’s house and he has gotten into a new business that looks really great. I can’t believe how much money there is to be earned and freedom to be gained.”

His wife says: “Are you seriously thinking about giving up a legitimate career to do some pyramid scheme. Please Joe, tell me this is a bad dream and I am not hearing you say this!”

They continue to argue for a couple of hours. It could easily have been Joe objecting at his wife who just returned from her first network marketing presentation. Often it’s the wife who is bombarded by personal affronts from her husband. Had Joe simply said nothing until he could get his wife to Saeed for a legitimate presentation, the rejection would have never been launched. Always get your spouse to a meeting or the sponsor to deliver the information.

Keep in mind that even if the circumstances differ, the outcome is often the same. This discussion could have happened on a Sunday morning following a Saturday training session in which Joe had already signed a distributor application. It doesn’t really matter. The point I am making is: We are convinced that as many as 50 percent of all potentially successful network marketers fail before ever getting started because their sponsor does not prepare them for the rejection. It’s the responsibility of every recruiter to fully prepare prospects for rejection, then provide them with the tools to overcome rejection.

Before sharing the information with people make sure that you have all the tools. You cant give pieces of information as this will just blow people away. Always use your sponsor to help you present to your spouse. Credibility from third party is extremely powerful and people will take you seriously. Bring your spouse to a meeting without telling her anything.

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