May 30, 2024

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How can you find your account number after opening a new bank account?

As a unique identifier, banks issue an account number when you open an account. It is usually an 11 to 14-digit number, and all monetary transactions and banking services are availed through it. In case you have opened an account and do not know your account number, there are numerous ways to check it.

If you open an account offline, the banking personnel provides your account details, including your account number. For online applications, you receive SMS and e-mail mentioning the same. The article below mentions various ways to find your account number.

Ways to find your account number

Here are a few common ways to find your new bank account number:

  1. Welcome letter/mail: After opening a new account, the bank issues a welcome kit to the account holder that includes account details. If you have opened a new bank account, you must have received a welcome kit containing details like account type and name, customer ID, cheque book, etc. You can find your new bank account number in the welcome kit conveniently.
  1. Chequebook: An alternative to the welcome kit, you can also find your bank account number in the chequebook. If you apply for a chequebook during account opening, you will receive your chequebook either in the welcome kit or separately. It includes your bank details, name, address, cheque number and account. Since chequebooks are handy, it is one of the easiest ways to check your new bank account number.
  1. Bank passbook: The bank issues a passbook that records all your transaction details and statements. The front of your passbook contains all the details related to your bank account, including your name, address, contact number, and account number.
  1. Account statement: The bank account statement is another way to get your account number. Nowadays, every bank offers an e-statement with your account number on top. You can also receive the account number in your registered e-mail.
  1. Bank mobile application: Alternative, you can also find your bank account number in the profile section of your account after logging into the mobile bank application. However, you must activate internet banking credentials to access your account. The credentials can be generated by contacting the bank.
  1. Internet banking: When you apply for a bank account, you get the option to activate your internet banking. The bank generates a login ID and password to operate your account. An online account allows you to access quickly and transfer funds, set standing instructions, etc. You can easily find your bank account number and other details when you log into your bank account.

You can easily check your bank account number by following the ways mentioned above. If you cannot find your bank account number, you can contact the bank’s customer support and request your account details.