June 12, 2024

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David Johnston on what you can expect from a part-time CFO

When you invest in a part-time CFO, look for someone whose track record has proven they are fit for your company’s stage of development and culture. For example, David Johnston is a former CFO with over 25 years of experience leading strategic financial initiatives for life science companies.

Regardless of years in the industry, your part-time CFO should have a solid understanding of the financial landscape and issues that are specific to your industry. Luckily, David Johnston has extensive experience in both.

So what can you expect from an experienced part-time CFO? Let’s find out.


Having a part-time CFO on board does not mean your company’s needs will go unmet. As part-time CFO, David will give you his undivided attention when on deck. He knows that you are sharing his time and resources, so he will focus on your needs without wasting time.

The company should also keep in mind that your CFO’s time is shared, so make sure you utilize his on-duty time wisely.

Strategic Thinking

The best part-time CFOs can take a bird’s eye view of your company’s financial situation and offer strategic insight and recommendations. David Johnston has no problem quickly assimilating information and providing accurate analysis.

Treats Every Company as a Unique Business

You want a CFO who is respectful and realistic. The right person in this position knows that every company isn’t the same. So he will tailor his advice and expertise to your specific situation.

A company can expect the financial leader to get to know your business to provide the best possible service. Like any good CFO, Johnston knows that what worked for a previous company’s strategic bid may not work for your business.


The right part-time CFO is flexible and understands that your company’s needs may change over time. He is willing to adjust his level of involvement to accommodate your company’s growth.

Someone in this position knows that he may hit the ground running full steam ahead but may need to back off as your company’s financial stages adjust from series A to B, etc.

Creative Thinking

Sourcing funding for up-and-coming biotech companies requires creativity and outside-the-box thinking. Johnston has the experience and expertise to get the job done as CFO.

Companies trying to get off the ground need a creative thinker who will go above and beyond to source funding for the company.

Your CFO may need to get creative when it comes to financial reporting or forecasting in order to present your company in the best light possible to potential investors.

Working With The Board

A part-time CFO should also have a good understanding of working with and supporting a company’s Board of Directors.

David Johnston has served on boards for both public and private companies, so he knows what it takes to keep them happy.

What to Expect from David Johnston CFO

David Johnston is a highly experienced and respected former CFO. He gave the attention, expertise, and flexibility to help businesses grow. If your growing company is ready to take the next step, contact David Johnston to discuss your financial needs.