May 30, 2024

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A Guide on Engagement Ring Shopping Etiquette

Engagement Ring Etiquette You Need to Know

Buying the perfect engagement ring is an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience for any couple. An engagement ring is a pretty important piece of jewelry a girl can have as it will stay with her forever. That is why when going engagement ring shopping there are certain shopping etiquette to remember and do to help you find the right ring.

From doing the ring selection to who should be paying for the ring, there are no shortage of questions that pop up when going engagement ring shopping. Questions can pop up along the way such as “Do men wear engagement rings?”, “Should you buy wholesale or retail?”, or “Where not to buy an engagement ring”.

Fear not couples as engagement ring shopping together is a marvelous process with your partner and should be treated as a joyous and exciting time where you are picking the one ring that will move you one step closer to your future as a married couple. Here is a guide on engagement ring shopping etiquette.

3 Engagement Ring Shopping Etiquettes

  1. Can you both buy the ring together?

Etiquette number one is a popular question nowadays.  Should a woman pick her engagement ring? Yes, it is becoming increasingly popular for both the man and woman to go engagement ring shopping together. 

However, if one of you prefers to have the engagement ring to be a surprise then both of you should communicate on the desires of your heart to decide whether to go shopping together or have the ring as a surprise when your fiance proposes. 

If only one of you goes shopping and you are not sure on what ring size or style your fiance likes it is always best to ask advice or opinion of the one closest to your fiance like a sister or best friend to help you in the process. 

  1. How much is too much?

Before engagement ring shopping it is important for you guys to talk about the budget for the ring or who will be the one to pay for the ring. In the traditional way, the man usually buys the ring and surprises his fiance with the engagement ring that he picked out but in recent times, more and more couples are foregoing tradition and going ring shopping together and splitting costs.

For example, the man can say his budget for the ring and what type of ring he can afford, the girl can agree or she can say that she is willing to add to the budget as she may like or prefer a ring that costs more than the budget of her fiance such as a larger carat ring or a fancier ring.

Prior communication is important as it can save you both embarrassment when you are arguing inside the jewelry store not knowing who will pay or how much is the budget. Communicating is key as you both will be knowledgeable when going ring shopping and saves you time as you can narrow down your search quickly.

  1. Take each other’s preference in consideration

Engagement rings are pieces of jewelry that will be with you throughout your marriage so it is important that you absolutely love the ring that you will wear. Before buying the rings ask your partner for their preferences they want in their rings. Some men opt to wear engagement rings nowadays and not only the women and so their wants and dislikes should also be taken into consideration as they are the ones wearing the rings for a long time.

For example, do they prefer a silver, gold or platinum band? What diamond cut do they like? Princess, emerald, oval or round? Do they want to buy the ring in retail or prefer to buy wholesale and go for the customized engagement ring route? These are important things to consider before buying the right engagement ring that they will love to wear on their finger.

2 Things to Look Out for a Wholesale Diamond Engagement Rings

  1. Look for GIA Certification

When looking for wholesale diamond engagement rings, how do you know that the carat, cut, color and clarity of the diamond is what was advertised by the wholesaler? You need to check if their diamonds are GIA certified.  GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in which they are a trusted source of authority in the diamond industry. 

By checking the  official GIA certification of the diamonds you will know exactly the worth of the diamonds so that you will know it’s value when you pay for it if it is fair or not. Engagement rings with diamonds that are GIA certified have a greater chance of being resold in the future as the certification proves its genuineness. 

  1. Check for Credentials

Check at the background of the jewelry store you are thinking of buying from. Go to their business page or check for their google reviews. Read up on past customer feedback after their purchase with the business. 

Does the store offer real and certified diamonds or do they have fake and synthetic diamonds that they try to sell and pass as real? Are they honest with their dealings with their customers and sell diamonds at their correct value?