Pearl Grandfather Clock – A Time Privileged Tradition

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Edward Meyer Grandfather Clock with Mother-of-Pearl Inlay

One of the most prized types of clocks on earth is a pearl grandfather clock. These clocks are some of the most wanted pieces after names in valued clocks and you can also get your own historic grandfather clocks in the internet or from an antique store. There are plenty of contemporary or modern extensive […]

Old Fashioned Alarm Clock – A Legacy of Precision and Style

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Sharp SPC800 Vintage Quartz Analog Silver Twin Bell Alarm Clock

The origin of the old fashioned alarm clock in the US or United States is broadly accredited to Levi Hutchins, who was considered to have made the first motorized alarm clock in 1787. Even if there is no disputing that Levi Hutchins made an alarm clock to sound a voice at 4am, the reality of […]

Junghans Clock – An Antique and Unique Piece

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Junghans Max Bill Big Wall Clock with Thin Lines

It is an interesting project to find out even a little about a Junghans clock with their unique styles and dazzling workmanship and to marvel at how it has endured for some centuries. Many owners of its parents’ or grandparents’ clock have no idea of their collectability or value seeing that they have taken for […]

Wooden Gear Clock Build – A Craftsmen’s Fine Project

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200 years ago in the early 1800s, many American clock makers were making shelf and mantel clocks with the movements made completely from hardwoods. Gear wheels were shaped carefully from cherry or other hardwoods and then assembled with very good care in order to make sure smooth running. Many wooden gear clock pieces have survived […]

Chiming Clocks from Antiques to Office Walls

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Seiko Westminster Whittington Quarter Hour Chime and Hourly Strike Pendulum Wall Clock in Dark Brown Oak Case

If you are in search for a wide range of clocks then you are just like a lot of other people who would like great looking time pieces around the house. Chiming clocks are a traditional and many houses, as well as businesses, own them. They are of every form and size possible and it […]

Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18.5 Inch Charcoal Smoker Review

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Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18.5 Inch Charcoal Smoker

Do you want an authentic smoke flavor in your house? Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 18.5 Inch can be the perfect smoker for you. Weber 721001 come with built-in thermometer, porcelain enameled steel smoker that has two-triple heavy-duty plated 18.5-inch cooking grates, packed with a premium grade covers and aluminum door legs and lifetime warranty. It […]

Tempus Fugit Clock – A Great Investment

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CafePress Tempus Fugit Wall Clock

A tempus fugit clock has a meaning that time is flying or something comparable. These days, in this fast paced, busy and demanding age we just take knowing the time for granted. Moreover, the emphasis, surely in the western world, is punctual or on time. We certainly live our lives by the clock. Many appointments […]

Hunter Ceiling Fans 21647 Caribbean Breeze Fan Review

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Hunter Ceiling Fans 21647 Caribbean Breeze Fan Weathered Bronze Indoor Fan 54 inch

Hunter 21647 Caribbean Breeze can provide tropical tradition right into your home. Most island influences will provide you with a substantial and casual ambience for any room in your house. Hunter Ceiling Fans 21647 Caribbean Breeze Fan comes with Weathered Bronze finish and designer woven wicker to make you relax while enjoys the fresh air. […]

Carriage Clock – Old World Elegance

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Seiko Mantel Westminster Chime Carriage Clock in Cherry Finish Solid Wood Case

A carriage clock is an artifact of horology’s bygone days. This clock was primarily made from the beginning of 19th century to about 1930; before the wristwatch turned into commercially available. Still, this was a time in which people were traveling more frequently than they had in the centuries past and those people needed to […]

Car Clock for the Time True Essence

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RoadPro 1324 Electronic Big Digit Car Clock and Calendar with Velcro Mounting Tape

Given the long commuting hours in the daily lives these days, we end up expending a lot of time in a car getting to and also from places. No wonder that cars are a must for most of us. As time is of primordial importance, it is just apt that you search for a car […]