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Eco Friendly Interiors For Your Green Home

August 11th, 2012

Make an eco friendly interior design is the one way of go green that will be unharmful and also absolutely recyclable. It is important to use the natural and organic materials to create an eco friendly interior design.You may spend more money on creating an eco-friendly interior design but the natural materials are also very lasting and good always. Eco-friendly paint and wallpaper as well as river rocks used as wall covering will help you to decorate the walls. The walls can also be covered with ceramic tile or cork  and wood panels. For ceiling opt for beams or  wood panels combined with white suspended or washed ceiling. You can use stone or wooden parquet made from European woods, rock, or bamboo as flooring. The combination of darker and lighter woods can give a chance to play with the view and make patterns.

Interior accessories should be eco-friendly  because they get discarded more often than the floor or wall coverings and furniture. Glass or clay vases, wicker baskets, old chests, rocks, and tree branches  and dry leaves and from your yard can be a great addition to your home decoration. Recycling your old furniture made of natural materials is a good budget saving idea. Well, it’s apparent  that plants are the part of nature arround yourself with ones will also add up to your eco-friendly interior design.

Eco friendly interiors are the heart of our home. You should put your money into the finish, not the start, so we would like to share with you some of the design components and the eco friendly interiors that can be inspire you. With European design and engineering, these interiors are built to last, and push joy and live simplify  to the fullest.

The options below are designed to accommodate the widest array of design considerations from “small is beautiful” to “I need it all”.Tthese components are not necessary included in a typical Eco Friendly design package. All appliances, finishes, and interior improvements are calculated in accordance with the budget of each individual client and project.


-Baths and Showers –











-Appliances: Ovens,Cooktops, Hoods, Dryers,  Washers, Refrigerators, and Dishwashers-

Car audio – Eco Friendly Technology

August 9th, 2012

Recently, there has been a lot of hum about eco friendly innovation in an attemp to keep our environment safe and healthy. Some industries have taken aggressive actions to this campaign by re-engineering their products to make a save environment. Car industry supports and introduces new tecnologies that take  industry to a new level of maintaining a green environment. The car audio manufacturers were very busy at 2010. They have deployed a new technique that provides better benefits for the consumers and environment. Car enthusiasts will be interested in improving and customizing their cars more than ever because of this new advanced technologies that applied.


Eco Friendly Audio Car Designed by Malibu

Ever since the head units considered the most important component of audio car, manufacturers will add new function that will offer better fuel consumption and efficientcy. Navigation brand units are completed with built-in Eco-friendly navigation that monitors your car’s effect on the environment. This technology will make the drivers conscious of their fuel consumption, fuel prices and CO2 emissions. Eco friendly navigation give recommendations on how to optimize fuel using for a better driving experience.

Car stereos were not the only thing to be increased, but also subwoofers. Car subwoofer is considerably used by enthusiasts in an attempt to improve their car’s bass depth and quality. What most of them do not know is that these severe gears take a lot of vehicle space and resources to be able to produce powerful sound. First, the engineers have to reduce sub size without sacrificing performance.They were able to reduce the mounting depth by 20% which helped installers to fit the new subs in any location even in small cars.


Basic of eco friendly audio car

The next target which is important to modify is the amplifiers. The manufacturers used new technologies to produce more power for a longer time. Newer amplifiers need less power when boost up because of the optimization and circuitry additions. If you are used to own a heavy amplifier, you will be amazed with the newly designed ones. Amplifier’s chassises were reduced to fill less truck space, reduce battery resources and fuel consumption. Ever since overheating is a common problem for amplifier, some manufacturers supplied an efficient heat management mechanism to keep the amplifier running cool all the time.


Eco Friendly Camry Hybrid

The car audio industries have made serious modifications to their products to make them run efficiently without taking a lot of resources. Car enthusiasts can personalize and customize their audio car. It’s time for other industries  taking action againts cleaner environment by producing products that take less power and require fewer resources.


Ecofriendly Flooring Ideas For Your Green Home

August 7th, 2012

It is important to understand about your home’s environment that you’re exposing your childrens to, may something as simple as carpeting and flooring your home can be threats to your family. The types of chemicals that we use to clean our carpets have can all obtain chemicals that have evident to be poison. We have to be aware that when that when carpeting our floors we can also do this eco-friendly away. This is supported by a growing number of people whom care about the environment.Choosing ecofriendly flooring or carpet can be a right way to protect our environment but more importantly we want to protect ourselves and our families.


Wooden ecofriendly flooring for modern green home design

Many people do not wise up that most carpets include certain chemicals that can be risk to children, not very ideal for your family home. Chemicals that can be found in carpets include 4-phenylcyclohexene which is a byproduct of latex which binds in the fibers of carpet. The chemical can be toxic because it is produce unseen gases that can enter exchequer system an be damaging in the long term.

As babies and young children as very susceptive to toxins its important for parents to consider the carpet they choose especially if planning to carpet the child’s bedroom. There are some alternatives to choose your home ecofriendly flooring.

  • Hardwood ecofriendly flooring : does not hold dust, dirt, or chemicals in the fibers so is very easy to preserve and remove bacteria.
  • Cork ecofriendly flooring: made from bark shavings and is a renewable resource and very easy to clean. Cork flooring has the capacity to absorb heat and any amount of paint color quickly. If you are searching an energy efficient flooring option, cork flooring is the best option to choose.
Cork flooring pattern design
  • Bamboo ecofriendly flooring: For people who like wood, bamboo flooring will be a main appeal attraction. Bamboo flooring can be painted in any shades. bamboo is light brown in shade and it is found in sheaves in the world and is known for its ability to be harvested within 3 months of it being planted. Bamboo flooring is lasting and is resistant to fungus.
Bamboo Used in sport flooring
  • Recycled Metal ecofriendly flooring: Recycled metal, which is made from leftovers of industrial and consumer based industrial processes. This flooring is available in multiple shapes, colors, sizes, and finishes. It has long lasting life compared to other flooring options. It can easily be maintained and doesn’t flake or crumb off.

Black Metal ecofriendly flooring for bathroom tile

Green printer – A Green Innovation IT Product

August 6th, 2012

Green printer test shoot by David Arky

As society grows more conscious of the bad condition of the earth and the ozone layer, many consumers are changing over to green procedures and lifestyle in an effort to recover the ailing environment. Therefore, environmentalists are very active to promote procedures and approaches that can help save the earth. Many industries are called to adopt a green approaches, one of this is the printing industry. Many printers are switching to green printer modes and designs. It is very advantageous and are seen to be caring and proactive by the consumer.


Green printer product by Brother


Green printer would consider to use recycled ingredients and materials in their processes whether it is the, or the printing design work and paper. There are many things that need printing, such as books, newspapers, brochures, reports, magazines, and so on. Forest Carbon materials are used by green printer which would secure no unnecessary felling of trees that would disrupt good health and nature’s balance. They cooperate with the eco-conscious parties and authorities in preserving the Mother Earth by using only appropriately mature trees for their paper needs.

Green Printer Design Jet  product by HP

They take their paper supply of environmental friendly authority that monitors logging and replanting of trees as well as eco-friendly production of paper to save the environment from further pollution. Green printer design would take into consideration  of  natural or recycled resources such as vegetable inks in place of processed options which contain chemicals that are dangerous to the environment. Green printer designers would think of green materials and methods to use in their design works for printing.

Green Printer Design DCP-385 Product by Brother

There are  growing impacts by green printer as more consumers are more appraciate of the bad consequences of technology. The printing industry is one of the many industries which are putting an integrated attempt in their corporate social responsibility to reduce their carbon on earth today.Their attemps are estimable as a stitch in time saves nine; hence, it is important for everyone to play their role in greening to the earth. The printing process uses a lot of electrical power to work; therefore, green printers are drawing their electrical resources from the sun through solar energy.

Green Home Design as A Life Time Home

August 5th, 2012

Green home is an energy and space efficient home which provide comfort and healthy living environment to its residents. It is performed by using sustainable resources. Sustainable resources can optimize our resources by taking it from natural environment and reduce the impact on the environment. Concept of Green home has to be applied from its building materials to its insulation and lightings. It can comply the householder’s life with luxury and style and is considered as a new positive feature to the community. Green home can be rated as a lifetime home. There are two types of Green homes which are Affordable Green homes and Healthy Green homes. Affordable green home emphasis on the energy-saving features. It must be able to estimate cost efficiently. Healthy green home must be controlled to the home’s resources which can pollute the environment not only the builder but also homeowner.


Modern  design for living room green home

The main difference between a conventional home and a green home is the energy consumption. The green home use 30 % less than the conventional home. Generally, Green home is situated at an environmentally friendly place where it is surrounded by the greenery. It allows to maximize its exposure to the sunlight to produce the requisite energy. We can build the conventional home anywhere. The Trees and shrubs around the green house can act as a natural shade to cool down the house


Modern Green Home Concept by K2LD Architects designs

It is important to open your windows during the day and let the sunlight into the house to reduce the usage of electricity. Day lightings allow the sunlight to fall equally on the green home. its design can help to maximise the usage of solar energy in green home. Solar energy is the renewable energy used as green home’s energy resources. Solar energy can produce both electricity and heat. By using solar energy, you can save electricity where it is good to save fuel energy.


Outdoor urban living room of green home concept


You can use the glass doors and windows to design your green home to allow the daylight to enter the house. Place the windows at the right place in order to fulfill its function as a ventilator. Light tube is used to have surface which can reflect the daylight and pass on the light to the home interior. Bird island’s green homes used  light tubes because they have lesser heat transver than skylights. Sustainably-source silicone glass fabric is used to build the Bird Island’s green home. The green home can sway with the breeze because this glass is very light and flexible. It allows daylight into the house and also allow the homeowner to have a gleam to the sky whenever the wind blows.

Modern Green Home Concept for interior design

Green packaging: Good For environment and For Your Business

August 5th, 2012

Green packaging is a means of providing the correct environmental conditions for food during the length of time it is stored and/ or distributed to the consumer. Terms like”environmentally responsible” and  “eco-friendly” have continuously made their way into the vernacular and awareness of society as a whole. The enhancement of  consciousness has motivated  people to look harder at their dialy activities and purchasing habits. In the classroom, students are being taught about the benefits environmentally of friendly products such as organically grown foods, bio fuels, and green packaging made from paper and bio-based plastics. There is little hesitation that the newer generations of consumers and employers will be much more eco-savvy.  green packaging has grown in importance between packaging supplier and their customers due to increased energy and transportation costs and growing interest in environmental issues.

Simply Green Packaging


Additionally, many businesses are more aggressively looking for ways to reduce the impact of their business on the environment and reduce costs. Finding a reliable source for green packaging supplies can be a valuable asset for businesses in this quest to be more environmentally responsible.Companies that ship products via small parcel services to their customers can follow a few simple guidelines to ensure they have selected the right source for green packaging supplies, which in turn will be submitted to their customers for disposal.

Green Bag Tag as an “eco-friendly” alternative product


Here are a number of ways that companies can green up their product packaging:

  • Reusable Packaging, Recommend your consumers to do something with the packaging, by creating reusable packaging. It is better to create a decorated fabric bag than wrapping your product in a plastic bag to house it.
  • Recycled Packaging, It is an  easy and economical way to green up your packaging. In place of making your label out of paper produced from freshly cut trees, select a recycled alternative. In many cases, the recycled options are cheaper than the alternative.
Green Packaging for Food
  • Compostable Packaging, it is one of the latest craziness in the Green packaging. Type of this green packaging reduces landfill deposits and allow Eco-conscious consumers the opportunity to dispose of their waste to the Earth-friendly way.
  • Decomposable Packaging, Green your packaging through the use of only biodegradable materials. Avoid to Styrofoam, as this material is notoriously unbiodegradable.
green grass packaging as a decomposable packaging
  • Lighter Materials, Modification of packaging material can reduce the environmental impact of your packaging. For example,  use a lighter version of plastic to produce the wrap.


Choose Memory foam for a Seat Cushion’s Material

August 4th, 2012

Anyone who has used a foam seat cushion in their family room chair, office chair, or any other chair where they spend a lot of time, know that it can greatly improve its comfort. Those with chronic back bones pain or Coccyx problems also find that a foam seat cushion can decrease the discomfort over time. Much of the success of foam seat pads is caused by the improvemet of materials available to manufacturers. Memory foam is unlike any material you have reached. It has a unique combination of texture and softness that you dont feel in other materials. Memory foam has great strenght which make it suitable use for pillows, mattresses, and chairs. But it has a comfort and softness that makes it interesting to those looking.

Memory foam apply for modern sofa

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Sound Absorber for your comfortable and productive environment

August 3rd, 2012

Sound absorption is defined as the occasion sound that smite a material that isn’t reflected back. An open window is an convenient sound absorber since the sounds pass through the open window aren’t reflected back but makes poor of sound barrier. Sound absorbers are designed to reduce reverberation or resonance within a room. These materials will help you to improve sound quality creating a more productive and comfortable environment. You can setting of your sound absorber include classrooms, auditoriums, houses of worship, gymnasiums, offices, conference rooms, call centers, home theaters, home studios, homes, and many others.

Wall treatment Using Panel of Sound Absorber

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